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Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D. Comparative Literature, 1981, Princeton University

B.A., Literature and Languages, 1972, Bennington College.




1997-2020, Professor; 1990-97, Associate Professor; 1983-90, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, DePauw University.

1994-95 Fulbright Visiting Lecturer and Director (pro tem), American Studies Program, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, Hungary

1980-83 Instructor, Dept. of English, Northeastern University.



National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2000-01; 1987-88.

Fulbright Lecturer Award, American Studies, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, Hungary, 1992-93; 1993-94.

Pioneer Award, awarded for Best Essay in Science Fiction Studies by the Science Fiction Research Association, 1992.

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Scholarship, Institute of Literary History, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 1976-1977.





The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction, Co-Editor with Arthur B. Evans, Joan Gordon, Veronica Hollinger, Rob Latham, and Carol McGuirk (WesleyanUniversity Press, 2010)


The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction (Wesleyan University Press, November 2008)


Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams: Japanese Science Fiction from Origins to Anime, Co-Editor with Christopher Bolton and Takayuki Tatsumi (University of Minnesota Press, 2007)


Philip K. Dick: 40 Articles from Science Fiction Studies, Co-Editor with R.D. Mullen, Arthur B. Evans, and Veronica Hollinger (SF-TH, Inc. 1992)



emeritus Editor, Humanimalia: A Journal of Human/Animal Interface Studies


Co-Editor, Science Fiction Studies


Special Issues of Science Fiction Studies Edited: Soviet Science Fiction: The Thaw and After [with Erik Simon] (November 2004); The British SF Boom [with Mark Bould and Andrew Butler] (November 2003); Japanese Science Fiction [with Takayuki Tatsumi and Christopher Bolton] (November 2002); Science Fiction and Postmodernism (November 1991); Stanislaw Lem (November 1986).

blogs & channels:

comic spirit: notes on classic hollywood comedies, 1930-1945.


comic spirit youtube channel

Internet Website Design:

Designer and Site Manager, Science Fiction Studies Website (


Co-Designer and site manager, Humanimalia: a journal of human/animal interface studies , 2009-2020.


Scholarly Articles:


"Science Fiction and the Imperial Audience." Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 26.1 (2015).


"What is estranged in science fiction animation?" Simultaneous Worlds: Global Science Fiction Cinema. Jennifer L. Feeley and Sarah Ann Wells, ed. Minneapolis: Minnesota UP, 2015.


当我们谈论“全球科幻小说”时,们谈论什么 :对新节点的反思 (What Do We Mean When We Say ‘Global Science Fiction?’: Reflections on a New Nexus) Comparative Literature in China, 2015.


"The Impossibility of Ian Watson's Miracle Visitors." New York Review of Science Fiction 312 (August 2014).


"The Eye of Gort." Science Fiction Studies #123 (July 2014).


"The Summa and the Fiction." Science Fiction Studies #120 (November 2013).


Possible Mountains and Rivers: The Zen Realism of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Three Californias.” Configurations 20:1-2 (Winter-Spring 2012).


“What Do We Mean When We Say ‘Global Science Fiction?’ Reflections on a New Nexus.” Science Fiction Studies #117 (November 2012). (Reprinted in French translation in ReS Futurae, December 2013.)


"SF/Porn -- The Case for The Gas." Science Fiction Studies #109 (November 2009).


"Stanislaw Lem," in Fifty Key Figures in Science Fiction, Mark Bould, Andrew M. Butler, Adam Roberts & Sherryl Vint, ed. (Routledge, 2009).


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"Some things we know about Aliens." Difference in Science Fiction, David Seed, ed. (Yearbook of English Studies, vol. 37 [2007]).


"Lem, Central Europe, and the Genre of Technological Empire," in Peter Swirski ed. Art and Science of Stanislaw Lem  (McGill U. Press, 2006).


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"The Lost Child: Notes on Gwyneth Jones's White Queen." Femspec 5.1 (2005)


"Science Fiction and the Thaw." Science Fiction Studies #94 (November 2004).


"Marxist Theory and Science Fiction." The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction. Edward James and Farah Mendelsohn, ed. (Cambridge University Press, 2003).


"Editorial Introduction" to Special Issue on the British Boom, Science Fiction Studies #91 (November 2003)


"Obcy u Lema" [The Aliens of Lem], Stanislaw Lem. Pisarz - Mysliciel - Czlowiek. Jerzy Jarzebski and Andrzeja Sulikowskiego, ed. (Krakow: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 2003) (in Polish)


"Science Fiction and Empire." Science Fiction Studies #90 (July 2003) (Reprinted in Science Fiction Criticism: An Anthology of Essential Writings. Rob Latham, ed. Bloomsbury, 2017.)


"Dis-imagined Communities: The Future of Nations in Science Fiction" in Hollinger and Gordon, ed.. Edging into the Future. Science Fiction and Contemporary Cultural Transformation. (U. of Pennsylvania Press, 2002)


"On the Groteque in Science Fiction." Science Fiction Studies #86  (March 2002) (Reprinted in French translation in ReS Futurae, June 2016.)


"Coding Out the USA: Oshii's Avalon." Science Fiction Studies #86 (March 2002)

"The Posthuman Sublime," Metal and Flesh/chair et metal no. 4 (February 2002)


"Notes on Mutopia." Postmodern Culture (October, 1997).


"We're Not in Kansas Anymore. On Naivete in SF and Criticism." Science-Fiction Studies 71 (March 1997)


"The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction." Science-Fiction Studies 70 (November 1996)


"Living in Downtime: Virtuelle Realität, Science Fiction und die Zukunft der Religion" [Living in Downtime: Virtual Reality, Science Fiction, and the Future of Religion], in Hyperkultur, Klepper et al. ed, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter Verlag, 1996."


"Antimancer: Cybernetics and Art in William Gibson's Count Zero." Science-Fiction Studies 65 (March 1995).


"Pilgrims in Pandemonium: Philip K. Dick and the Critics," introduction to Philip K. Dick: 40 Articles from Science-Fiction Studies, SF-TH, 1992 [.PDF] ,

"Futuristic Flu, or the Revenge of the Future," in Fiction 2000: Cyberpunk and the Future of Narrative. Slusser and Shippey, eds., University of Georgia Press, 1992.

"The Sentimental Futurist: Cybernetics and Art in William Gibson's Neuromancer." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, Spring 1992.
"The SF of Theory: Baudrillard and Haraway." Science-Fiction Studies 55 (November 1991) [Also in Japanese translation in Gendai-Shiso (Tokyo), October, 1992.]"
"Postmodernism's SF/SF's Postmodernism." Science-Fiction Studies 55 (November 1991).
"Modeling the Chaosphere: Stanislaw Lem's Alien Communications," in Chaos and Order. Complex Dynamics in Literature and Science. N. Katherine Hayles, ed. U. of Chicago Press. 1991. (Also in Polish translation in Teksty (Krakow), 1992.)
"Cyberpunk and Neuromanticism," in Mississippi Review 47/48, vol. 16, nos. 2 & 3, 1989. (Also in German translation in Atomic Avenue, Wilhelm Mayer Verlag (München), 1990. Also in In the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Fiction, Larry McCaffery, ed. Duke University Press, 1991.)
"Die Bürde der Zukunft oder: Die Gegenwart als Science Fiction," Quarber Merkur (Wien) 74, December, 1990.
"Zamyatin and the Strugatskys: The Representation of Freedom in We and The Snail on the Slope," in Zamyatin's WE, Gary Kern, ed. Ardis, 1988.
"Toward the Last Fairy Tale: The Fairy Tale Paradigm in the Strugatskys' Science Fiction, 1963-1972." Science-Fiction Studies 38, (March 1986). (Reprinted in Russian Science Fiction Literature and Cinema : A Critical Reader, Anindita Banerjee, 2018).
"Das letzte Märchen: 'Picknick am Wegensrand' und das Marchen-paradigma in der Science-fiction der Strugatzkis," in Polaris 10. Ein Science-fiction-Almanach Arkadi und Boris Strugatzki gewidmet. Franz Rottensteiner, ed. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1986.
"The Book is the Alien: On Certain and Uncertain Readings of Lem's Solaris." Science-Fiction Studies 35 (March 1985).
"Ksiazka jest Obcym: o pewnych i niepewnych interpretacjach "Solaris" Stanislawa Lema." Lem w Oczach Krytyki Swiatowej, Krakow: Wydawnictwo Literackie, 1989.
"Kafka and Science Fiction." Newsletter of the Kafka Society of America, June 1984."


"Pacific Overture”: Istvan Csicsery-Ronay talks to Kim Stanley Robinson about his Three Californias trilogy.” Los Angeles Review of Books, 16 September 2011.
"22 Answers and 2 Postscripts: An Interview with Stanislaw Lem." Science-Fiction Studies 40 (November 1986).


Tatiana Chernyshova, "Science Fiction and Myth Creation in Our Age." Science Fiction Studies #94 (November 2004).


Stanislaw Lem: "On Stapledon's Star Maker." Science Fiction Studies #41(March 1987).


Stanislaw Lem: "On Stapledon's Last and First Men." Science Fiction Studies #40 (November 1986).


Stanislaw Lem: "Metafuturology." Science Fiction Studies #40 (November 1986).

Stanislaw Lem: "Metafantasia: The Possibilities of Science Fiction" (with Etelka de Laczay). Science Fiction Studies (March 1981).

Review Articles:

"Eyes/Open" (review of Jean-Christophe Bailly, The Animal Side). Humanimalia 6.1 (Fall 2014)

"The Science-Fictionalization of Linguistic Invention" (review of Michael Adams, From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages A Dictionary of Made-Up Languages and Stephen D. Rogers, From Adûnaic to Elvish, Zaum to Klingon—The Anwa (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons). Science Fiction Studies #121 (November 2013).
"Tante Margaret Just Wants to Have Fun" (review of Margaret Atwood, In Other Worlds: Science Fiction and the Human Imagination). Science Fiction Studies #121 (July 2013)
Of Enigmas and Xeno-Encyclopedias.” (review of Richard Saint-Gelais, L’Empire du pseudo. Modernités de la science-fiction and Irène Langlet, La science-fiction. Lecture et poétique d’un genre littéraire). Science Fiction Studies #117 (November 2012).
"Fantastic Mimesis: A Diamond in the Rough, Not the Philosopher's Stone” (review of Seo-Young Chu, Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep? A Science-Fictional Theory of Representation). Contemporary Literature 53.2 (Summer 2012).
Sound is the New Light: Whittington’s Sound Design and Science Fiction.Science Fiction Studies #115 (November 2011).
"After Species Meet" (review of Donna Haraway, When Species Meet). Humanimalia 1.2 (Spring 2010).
"DEFA's Floating Islands" (review of The DEFA Sci-Fi Collection). Science Fiction Film and Television 3.1 (2010).
"Interplanetary Soundclash" (a review of Philip Hayward, ed. Off the Planet. Music, Sound and Science Fiction Cinema). Science Fiction Studies #96 (July 2005).
"Escaping Star Trek" (review article on Alan Shapiro's Star Trek: Technologies of Disappearance). Science Fiction Studies 97 (March 2004).
"Who Framed Science Fiction?" (review article on Peter Stockwell's The Poetics of Science Fiction) Science Fiction Studies #92 (March 2004)
"Lucid Dreams, or Flightless Birds on Rooftops" (review article on special issue of Historical Materialism devoted to fantasy, edited by China Mieville) Science Fiction Studies #90 (July 2003).
"Discretion and Common Sense" (review of Gwyneth Jones's Deconstructing the Starships). Science Fiction Studies 83 (March 2001).
"Pre2K, Post2K" (review article on Margaret Morse’s Virtualities, Arthur and Marilouise Kroker’s Digital Delirium, and Dixon and Cassidy’s Virtual Futures), Science Fiction Studies 82 (November 2000)
"The Global Province" (review article on James Gunn’s The Road to Science Fiction, Volume 6: International SF and Franz Rottensteiner, ed. The View from Another Shore: European Science Fiction) Science Fiction Studies 79 (November 1999).


"Till We Have Interfaces" (review article on N. Katherine Hayles, How We became Posthuman. Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature and, and Informatics) Science Fiction Studies 78 (July 1999)


"The Cyborg and the Kitchen Sink; or, The Salvation Story of No Salvation Story" (review article on Donna Haraway, Modest_ Witness@Second_ Millenium. FemaleMan©_Meets_OncoMouse™. Feminism and Technoscience) Science Fiction Studies 76 (November 1998)
"The Mundanization of the Non-Normal" (review of Nancy Traill's Possible Worlds of the Fantastic: The Rise of the Paranormal in Literature). Science Fiction Studies 76 (November 1998)
"The Curmodgeon of Krakow" (review of Peter Swirski's The Stanislaw Lem Reader). Science Fiction Studies 76 (November 1998)
"The Wife's Story" (review article on Anne Dick's Search for Philip K. Dick, 1928-1982) Science Fiction Studies 72 (July 1997)
"The Critic" (review essay on John Clute's Look at the Evidence. Essays and Reviews). Science Fiction Studies 71 (March 1997).


"More Cool Memories" (review of Jean Baudrillard's Cool Memories II), Science Fiction Studies 71 (March 1997).
"Gregg Rickman and Others on Philip K. Dick" (review article on Samuel J. Umland's Philip K. Dick: Contemporary Critical Interpretations). Science Fiction Studies 67 (November 1995).
"An Elaborate Suggestion" (review article on Brian McHale's Constructing Postmodernism). Science Fiction Studies 61 (November 1993)
"Postmodern Technoculture, or The Gordian Knot Revisited" (reviews of Larry McCaffery's Across the Wounded Galaxies: Interviews with Contemporary American Science Fiction Writers, Andrew Ross' Strange Weather. Culture, Science and Technology in the Age of Limits, and Constance Penley and Andrew Ross, eds. Technoculture). Science Fiction Studies 58 (November 1992)
"Postmodernism by Three: Jameson, Hayles, and Gane" (reviews of Fredric Jameson's Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, N. Katherine Hayles's Chaos Bound: Orderly Disorder in Contemporary Literature and Science, and Mike Gane's Baudrillard: Critical and Fatal Theory). Science Fiction Studies 55 (November 1991)
"How Not to Write A Book About Lem" (review article on Richard Ziegfeld's Stanislaw Lem), Science Fiction Studies 40 (November 1986).


Papers and Lectures:

"The Alien and the Octopus." Invited lecture. New Directions in Science Fiction Criticism series. Indiana University, January, 2016.


"The Alien and the Anima." Invited lecture, University of Alabama in Huntsville Honors College, September 2015.


"The Solaris Problem: Anomalies in Science and Science Fiction." Invited lecture, University of Alabama - Huntsville Honors College, September 2015.


"Aliens and Animals." Invited lecture, University Courses and Society for the Humanities, Cornell University, September 2014.


"Science Fiction and the Imperial Audience." Guest Scholar Address, International Association of the Fantastic in the Arts, March 2014.


"No-Nature: The Buddha-Nature, Critical Buddhism, and the Deconstruction of Romantic Nature." Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, October 2013.

"Cages of No Thought: Challenges to Contemporary Zen Literature." 20th Conference of the International Association of Comparative Literature. Paris, July 2013.
"Does Science Fiction Music Have a Story of Its Own?" UCR Center for Ideas and Society, University of California - Riverside, April 2013.


"The Impossibility of Ian Watson." Eaton Science Fiction Conference, Eaton Library, University of California - Riverside, April 2013.


"The Eye of Gort." Science Fiction Studies Symposium, University of California - Riverside, April 2013.


"This Fractal, Alien Earth: SF in the Global Moment." Global Science Fiction, Wellesley College, March 2013.

“Trends in Science Fiction Criticism.” Science Fiction Studies Symposium, University of California – Riverside, May 2012.


 “What is estranged in science-fiction animation?” Visions of the Future. Global Science Fiction Cinema, University of Iowa, April, 2012.


“Alien Earth: Science Fiction, Posthumanism, and The Planet.” Invited lecture. Carnegie-Mellon University, November 2011.


"Help Me! A Short History of Science Fiction in Music," Invited lecture. University of California - Riverside, May 2009.


"The Jackass, the Hen, and the Sheepdog, or Animals, Play, and Freedom," The Inhuman: Investigating Continental Thought in the Humanities, York University, October 2008.


"The Purpose of Humanimalia," New Directions in the Humanities, Paris, France, June 2007.


"Science Fiction vs. Surrealism," International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2006.


"Science Fiction's Twentieth Century." New Directions in the Humanities, Cambridge University, August 2005.


"Annexing the Stars: Science Fiction and Imperialism."  Science Fiction Research Association, Las Vegas, June 2005.


"Cyberpunk and Empire," Visions of Humanity in Cyberspace and Cyberculture, Prague, Czech Republic, August, 2003.


"Science Fiction and Technological Empire," Technocultures, University of Iowa, February, 2003.


"Science Fiction and Music: A Theory," International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2002.


"Silent Dune, or What’s the matter with Lynch’s Dune? Turn off the sound!" International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 2001.


“Is Science Fiction a U.S. Genre? A Provocation,” Keynote Address, Hong Kong 2001: Technology, Identity, and Futurity, East and West, in the Emerging Global Village, Hong Kong, January 2001.


Alien Elements: A Bachelardian Reading of Lem,” International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Conference, Boca  Raton, FL, March, 2000.


“The Aliens of Lem,” Stanislaw Lem: Writer — Thinker — Philosopher, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland,   November, 1999.


"The Academic Study of Science Fiction Today," Speaking Science Fiction, University  of Liverpool (UK), July 1996.


"Mona Lisa Burnout, or The Ones Who Walk Away from Cyberspace," From Microchip to Mass Media: Culture and the Technological Age, DePaul University, May, 1996.


"Science Fiction and Cultural Theory," Einstein Meets Magritte International Interdisciplinary Conference. Free University of Brussels, Belgium, May 1995.


"Virtual Reality, Science Fiction, and the Future of Religion," Virtual Futures, University of Warwick (U.K.), May, 1995.


"Icons and Strange Attractors: Science Fiction and Postmodern Culture," Invited lecture at University of  Liverpool (U.K.), April, 1994


"Science Fiction and Cultural Theory," Invited lecture at University of Reading (U.K.), April 1994.


"Science Fiction and Postmodernism in the U.S.", Invited lecture at Janus Pannonius University Pécs, Hungary, November 1993.

"Compulsory Language: Criticism, Nature and the Postmodern Moment," presented at the conference, Articulating Nature. Criticism and the Natural World, Indiana University and DePauw University, 1992.


"Living in Down-Time: The Future of Religion in Virtual Reality," presented at Convention of the  Society for Literature and Science, Montreal, 1991.


"The Science Fiction of Theory: Baudrillard and Haraway," presented at the Conference on Interdisciplinarity: Science, Literature, and the University. Indiana University, 1991.


"Kelvin's Resolve and the Death of Rheya: The Dialectics of Extraterrestrialism." Convention of the Society for Literature and Science, Portland, Ore., 1990. 


“Baudrillard's Science Fiction," Conference on Crossing the Disciplines: Cultural Studies in the 1990s. U. of Oklahoma, 1990.


"The Culture of Information and the Technologies of Literature," Conference on Postmodernism: The Culture of Information and the Technology of Literature, DePauw University, 1990.


"The Poetics of Modeling: Duhem, Harré, Lem." Conference on The Nature of Evidence: Rhetoric, Literature, Science,  U. of Iowa, 1990.


"Modeling the Chaosphere: Lem's Alien Communications," Conference of the Society for Literature and Science, U. of Michigan, 1989.


"Postmodern Time-Slip: The Retrofuture and the Futuristic Flu," Conference of the Society for Literature and Science, U. of Michigan, 1989.


"Futuristic Flu, or the Revenge of the Future," Fiction 2000 International Conference, University of Leeds (UK), 1989.


"Fantastic Science: Lem's Unified Chaos," Conference of the Society for Literature and Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1987.


"The Burden of the Future, or the Present as Science Fiction," Post-modernism: Texts, Politics, Instruction, Conference of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature, U. of Kansas, 1987.


"Nationalism and Realism," session on Comparative Studies in Romanticism, MLA National Convention, 1986.


"War and Peace: Tolstoy's Historical Anti-Novel," Session on Late 19th century Novel Theory, MLA National Convention, 1985.


"Clio and Cash: Waverley's Diva Pecunia," Scott Session, Midwest MLA, Bloomington, IN, 1984.


"Zamyatin and the Strugatskys," Conference on Utopia and its Discontents: Zamyatin, Orwell, Mayakovsky. Cornell U., 1984.


"Kafka and Science Fiction," Session on Kafka and Living Modern Literature, MLA National Convention, 1983.


"Utopia and Social Criticism in Contemporary Science Fiction," Invited lecture at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1983.


"On Certain and Uncertain Readings of Lem's Solaris," Conference of Literature, Science and Technology, Long Island U. - Brooklyn Center, 1983.


"The Critique of Science in Soviet Science Fiction," session on Science and Literature, MLA National Convention, 1982.


"The Politics of History as Subject," Session on Prose Fiction, MLA National Convention, 1982.

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