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In 2016 I teamed up with the dynamic and inventive vocalist, Julianna Goldsmith, to record some of my songs. The project led to the formation of The Dogmatics, a band of local superstar musicians -- Veronica Pejril on keyboards, Steve Michael on electric guitar, Rick Provine on drums, Bill Hamm on bass, and Heather Sloan on vibes and percussion, in addition to Julianna's voice and my acoustic guitar. We recorded a wonderful album of my songs, titled simply The Dogmatics.


For the past many months we thought we were comfortably streaming the album on all the major streaming sites. But... we discovered much too late in the game that there was a popular garage band based in Boston in the 80s also called The Dogmatics, whose albums are still in the catalogue, and they are currently regrouping and doing shows. So now when you look for our album, you are most likely to access their work. They're a good band, you should listen to them. But our music might as well be in a different galaxy. We have "deauthorized" streaming for now, because it's much too difficult to find our music in the avalanche of theirs. I plan to re-release the album with some orthographical tweaks, but for now, this is the place you can hear our album, and on the materially existing CD. (We have them. $10. Good buy.)


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