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I have been a member of the editorial collaborative of Science Fiction Studies, the premier scholarly journal devoted to the genre of science fiction, since 1990. Since that time we have published, in addition to our regular issues,  special issues and sections on Science Fiction and Postmodernism, Stanislaw Lem,  Hard Science FictionScience Fiction in Academe, Star Trek, Science Fiction and Queer Theory, History of Science Fiction Criticism, On Global Science Fiction - Part I, On Global Science Fiction - Part II, Japanese Science Fiction, Social Science Fiction, The British SF Boom, Soviet SF: The Thaw and After, A Jules Verne Centenary, Technoculture and Science Fiction, William Gibson's Pattern Recognition, Afrofuturism,  Latin American SF, Animals and Science Fiction, Science Fiction and Sexuality, Octavia E. Butler, Slipstream, Science Fiction and Globalization, Chinese Science Fiction, Stanislaw Lem's Summa Technologiae, Italian Science Fiction, Digital Science Fiction, Spanish SF, and Indian SF, and a special issue on the Frankenstein anniversary.

The journal's website can be found at

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We also edited the best-selling anthology of sf stories, The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction.

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